A moment of blindness


A blind spot is an appropriate metaphor for our failure to see things as they are in actuality.  We fail to see what it is we do not see.  And, it’s those very things we do not see that cause intelligent people to do stupid things.  Daniel Goldman

What causes our blind spots?

We think we have it figured out.  Our preconceived notions are a big issue.  How often do we jump to conclusions about a thing and then act on our judgment?  Often people will get into trouble by either thinking they are capable of more than they are and will then feel disillusioned by the reality.  Or they will think they are less intelligent than they really are and not even try, limiting the possibilities for success.  Those that run as if all the lights are green are dangerous to others and themselves often leaving a wake of hurt.  Those people who put up roadblocks are failing to live into their potential and depriving the world of their gifts.  Keep an open mind and open eyes.  We are always changing and so is the world around us.  What is possible one day may not be the next.  What was impossible yesterday might just be possible today.

We hide from reality.  We live in a world of distractions, and we use them to avoid and protect ourselves.   Avoidance can be detrimental to our growth.  Our temporary solution can ease the immediate pain but can often lead to a long road back.  Life is hard, and facing that reality head-on might just make it easier.  Breaks from reality can be useful when we need to recharge, however, a reality check needs to happen before the escape.  We must make sure we are using flight to restore and rejuvenate our spirit and prepare ourselves for the next launch forward.

We focus in on the wrong details.  Many times I have found myself focusing on one negative aspect and as a result, failed to see the big picture.  Things are imperfect, and indeed there is no way around it.  The world is utterly imperfect, and acceptance is key to a healthy focus. Seeing things as the whole that they are and not the flawed details can help.   We must also be sure to make fair comparisons.  The goodness or badness of something can be entirely relative.  Changing the context of a thing can change the way you see it.

We can’t see what we can’t see.   If we knew what we didn’t know that couple in the garden might have told a different story.  We need each other and God to reveal truths we might otherwise miss.  Trust is difficult but crucial to healing our blindness.   We need people that we can open up to and trust to tell us what we are missing.  There are lots of snakes in the world who will tear us down to make themselves feel better.  Be discerning and find someone who loves you and puts your joy at the center of the conversation.   Consult scripture.  So many answers to so many questions can be found there.


“The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light;  but if your eye is unhealthy, your whole body will be full of darkness. If then the light in you is darkness, how great is the darkness!  Matthew 6:22-24  (NRSV) 

We all have blind spots, and it could be overwhelming to have our eyes opened wide all at once.  I am very grateful that is not how God works.  He gives us a little at a time so that we can get it right.  What is God revealing to you today?


One thought on “A moment of blindness

  1. Bill Baumgarten

    The part of “A Moment of Blindness” which most struck home, struck a chord for healthiness, was your piece on ‘we can’t see what we can’t see.’ And the necessity of a, or a few, trusted friends. Repeatedly, this antidote which you suggest, has helped me ‘see’. Thank you for the clarity and precision of your writings. This ‘Moment’ glows with your piercing perception….no ‘blindness’ in this blog!


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